Ingo Arndt

Ingo Arndt was born 1968 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. From early childhood, he spent every single minute of his spare time outdoors in nature. Soon he realised that photography was a useful tool in environmental protection, so, after finishing school in 1992, Ingo plunged into the adventurous life of a professional photographer. Since then, he has travelled around the globe for extended periods as a freelance wildlife photographer, photographing reports in which he portrays animals and their habitats. In the past few years he has been mainly on assignment for GEO Germany. With his images, Ingo Arndt wants to stimulate and increase the awareness of his viewing audience and show them the magnificence of nature.

Silke Arndt was born 1966 in Arnsberg, Germany. After her final degree in graphic design she worked some years as a freelance designer. Now she is managing the couple's office in Langen near Frankfurt, from where they globally market Ingo‘s picture stories. She accompanies her husband on his field trips as often as possible and documents their experiences with her video camera. Silke designed most of Ingo's recently published books.

Ingo’s photographs are mainly published in international magazines including GEO, Stern, National Geographic and BBC Wildlife.

For his photography Ingo has received numerous awards. Several of his images were winners of the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition" and the "GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year". His picture story on "Animal Feet" was awarded with the "World Press Photo Award 2005". In 2006 Ingo received the "German Award for Science Photography" and in 2008 and 2012 he won the "GDT Fritz Poelking Award".

Ingo‘s books include:

  • Küstenbären (2014)
  • ArchitekTier (2013)
  • Eisige Welten (2011)
  • 1,2,3 - ganz viele! (2011)
  • Tatort Natur (2011)
  • Tierreich - Schwaerme Herden Kolonien (2010)
  • Im Moos ist was los! (2009)
  • Mein großes Buch der Affen (2009)
  • Geheime Welt der Raupen (2008)
  • Normads of the Wind (2008)
  • Monkey and Apes - in the wild (2007)
  • Zeigt her eure Füsse! (2007)
  • Logbuch Polarstern - Eine Expedition ins antarktische Packeis (2005)
  • Tierreportagen aus aller Welt (2002)
  • Marmots (1997)