Under extreme conditions

In February 2022, I spent ten days photographing musk oxen in Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park. I decided to go in winter when there was ice and snow to show how these animals have adapted perfectly to the arctic conditions in the fjells of the alpine landscape. Although I was expecting harsh conditions for my photography work, what awaited me there was much more extreme than I had anticipated: every day, icy winds howled across the tundra at speeds of more than 60 mph. Even when the snow abated, visibility was often no more than a few meters. The wind whirled up so much snow that I sometimes lost all sense of direction. I would find myself caught in a snowstorm although it was not even snowing at the time. Photographing in these conditions was next to impossible. Aside from the biting cold, I had trouble focusing and keeping the camera still. But in the end, it was this extreme environment that helped me capture unique pictures. I was able to photograph the seemingly prehistoric musk oxen as they would have lived during the last ice age and filled with amazement at the thought that there are animals that can survive in these weather conditions.




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