Ingo Arndt

New Book

April 2014: We are proud to announce our new book KÜSTENBÄREN (Coastal Bears). After seven trips during the last seven years it shows our best bear pictures and tells the stories we have experienced with these wonderful animals on Alaskas wild coast. You can order the book here.


New Publications

April 2014: This month many publications showing pictures from our latest books. Here are a few examples: German Magazine "natur" published 8 pages about KÜSTENBÄREN in issue 05/2014, published an online gallery on KÜSTENBÄREN and one gallery about JÄGER DES LICHTS.



April 2014: German television stations SAT1, Hessischer Rundfunk and Deutsche Welle have reported on Ingo's work. Watch the latest Euromaxx TV Report in German or English. Please note that all the coastal bear footage was filmed by Silke Arndt.


ARCHITEKTIER Book now in English available

April 2014: Our successful new book ARCHITEKTIER (Animal Architecture) is now available in English. It is smaller than the German edition, but also shows Silke's design from the German edition (except the cover). It is available in a few days. You can pre-order the book here.


New Book

April 2014: Together with our friends and colleagues David Hettich, Markus Mauthe, Bernd Roemmelt and Florian Schulz we published a new book on Wildlife Photography (in German only). In interviews we all give a lot of personal background information and tell the stories behind our best pictures. You can order the book here.


GEO Magazine's best Animal Stories

March 2014: A new GEO special issue showing the Magazine's best animal stories is on sale now. It's a great honor that three of our stories (Chameleons, Animal Feet and New Animal Life) are shown in the publication. More information and order here.


Monarch Butterflies in Danger

March 2014: We are shocked by the latest news from Mexico. This winter fewer monarch butterflies than ever before made it to the overwintering colonies. The population is in serious danger. More information here.


Story in Photographie Magazine

February 2014: German Magazine "Photographie" published a nice story about our ARCHITEKTIER (Animal Architecture) project in issue 03/2014.


Back home from Brazil

January 2014: We are back home from a wonderful trip to Brazil. Among other places we spend some time at the stunning Iguazu Falls. Take a look at a selection of the new pictures here.


Arribada Story in NaturFoto

January 2014: NaturFoto Magazine, Germany, published in issue 01/2014 the cover and a portfolio from our sea-turtle arribada story. Take a look at more pictures here.

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Our new book ARCHITEKTIER (Animal Architecture) is a great success. The third edition is available now and it has been nominated for the "German Photo Book Award 2014". Order here.

Our new "Abenteuer Wildnis" 2015 calendar will be available in a few weeks. More information coming soon on this website.