Ingo Arndt

France and Mongolia

August 2015: We are back home from assignments in France and Mongolia. More about the new work coming soon on this website.


Animal Architecture Calendar for 2016

July 2015: Edition Panorama published a wonderful wall Calendar with pictures from our Animal Architecture project. It is now available for 2016 (German edition only). More information and order here.


Hahnemuehle Blog

June 2015: Hahnemuehle posted a nice interview about Ingo's work. Take a look at the blog entry here.


Danube Delta

June 2015: We are back home from the Danube Delta in Romania, a bird photographer's paradise. Even though it is a challenge to approach the animals close enough, there are not many places in the world with such a rich bird life and so many photo opportunities.



April 2015: We are back home from China, where we photographed on assignment for GEO Magazine. This fast growing country has a lot of wild places and spectacular animal species to offer. Hopefully everything can be protected for future generations.


Coastal Brown Bears in GEO International

April 2015: GEO International Magazine published in issue 04/2015 our story on Coastal Brown Bears from Alaska. It took us seven years to complete the story. You can order our book with all the pictures here.


Overwintering Bramblings

March 2015: After 2009 and 2010, the past winter Ingo could again photograph millions of overwintering bramblings. The birds came together not far from his home near Frankfurt. A good chance to take some abstract pictures for our long-term Animal Masses project.


Back home from the US

February 2015: We just returned from five weeks in the Everglades, where we completed a part of a new assignment. More information coming soon.


A great calendar deal

February 2015: We are delighted to announce that BRI Bank from Indonesia published 1.5 million wall calendars and 350.000 table calendars with pictures from our Animal Masses project. A great deal that does not happen every day.


National Geographic Magazine

January 2015: National Geographic Magazine published a nice spread with our picture of a red-eyed tree frog from Costa Rica. It is the opener from the Visions of Earth feature in the January issue and published in all country editions.


Fourth Edition printed

December 2014: Just one year after the release of our book ARCHITEKTIER (Animal Architecture), the fourth edition has been printed and is ready to order here.



Two more 2015 Calendars available

December 2014: We have two more calendars with a collection of our best coastal brown bear pictures available for 2015. Information and order here.


2015 Calendar available

December 2014: Our new ABENTEUER WILDNIS 2015 calendar, with a wonderful collection of pictures, is printed and ready to order here.


Lots of nice publications

December 2014: We have a lot of nice publications this month. One of them is New Scientist Magazine showing pictures and giving making-of information about our european beaver story.


New European Beaver pictures online

November 2014: Take a look at a selection of pictures from Ingo's latest GEO assignment on european beavers, including very rare underwater images here.


Japanese edition of Animal Architecture

October 2014: A Japanese edition of our Animal Architecture book is now available. With the elegant Japanese characters it looks fantastic and very exotic for us europeans. Order your Japanese copy here.


WPY and ENJ Awards

October 2014: We are just back from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards ceremony in London and the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in Luenen. Ingo received one award at the WPY and two awards at the ENJ. More information here and here.


Trip to the US and Canada

October 2014: We are back home from the US and Canada. One reason for this trip was the sockeye salmon run in British Columbia. Once again new pictures for our long-term Animal Masses project.


Beaver Story in GEO Magazine

September 2014: GEO Magazine, Germany, published in issue 10/2014 our latest assignment on wild european beavers. During the last two years we have worked intensively on this story. also published an online gallery. Take a look here.


Wunderwelten-Festival in November

September 2014: Together with his friends and colleagues David Hettich, Markus Mauthe, Bernd Roemmelt and Florian Schulz, Ingo will give a presentation on the book "Jaeger des Lichts" at the Wunderwelten-Festival on 01. November 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. (Photo: Edmund Moehrle)

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Our book KÜSTENBÄREN (Coastal Brown Bears) shows Ingo's best bear pictures and tells the stories we have experienced with these wonderful animals on Alaskas wild coast. Order your copy here.