Pumas in Terra Mater Magazine

February 2019: Terra Mater Magazine, Austria, published in issue March/April 2019 our puma story on 16 pages. Get a copy if you can!  

Baikal Winter

February 2019: Ingo just returned from a winter expedition to Lake Baikal in Siberia/Russia. Amazing place! More pictures soon on this website.

Back home from Spain

February 2019: We are back home from an exciting scouting trip to Spain. Beside other things, Ingo could photograph nice aerial pictures at Bahia de Cadiz.

Hummingbird story in GEO Magazine

January 2019: GEO Magazine, Germany, published in issue February 2019 our story on hummingbirds.

No more Instagram

January 2019: I decided to close my Instagram account and spend more time taking pictures ... As always, you can find the latest news on our website. Many thanks!

The Photo Society

January 2019: It's a great honor that Ingo was invited to become a member of The Photo Society, which is the public face of photographers who work for National Geographic magazine. More information here.

National Geographic digital story

December 2018: National Geographic published a nice digital story about Ingo's work with the pumas in Patagonia. Take a look here.

Puma story on National Geographic Website

December 2018: National Geographic published our "The Pumas of Patagonia" story on the website. Take a look here.

Pumas of Patagonia

November 2018: Please take a look at our new "Pumas of Patagonia" Portfolio. Seven month of fieldwork for the first complete photo story on wild pumas. Check it out here.

Pumas published in National Geographic Magazine

November 2018: We are proud to announce that National Geographic Magazine has published our story on wild pumas in its December issue. It is the first (not just single pictures or camera trap work...) complete photo story on wild pumas. Very soon we'll show more pictures of the project on this website - stay tuned!

Top News

New book “PumaLand” available!

We are proud to announce our new book PumaLand. The German edition is now available. As always, Silke designed the wonderful layout. We are very honored that Laurie Campbell, a famous photographer from Scotland who took some of the first pictures of wild pumas in Patagonia, wrote the foreword. You can order your copy of the book here.