Photo London preview day

May 2022: We were at Photo London Art Fair for the preview day and had a wonderful time. The fair continues until Sunday, May 15. Thank you SmithDavidson Gallery for the wonderful presentation of Ingo's work!

Photo London 2022 Art Fair

April 2022: Our partner, the SmithDavidson Gallery, will be presenting Ingo's pictures at the Photo London Art Fair 12-15 May. We are very happy to be there for the preview day on 11 May. More information here.

German TV

April 2022: Ingo was talking about his honey bee photography in the German TV show "hallo Hessen". Take a look here. Get a copy of our honey bee book in your local bookstore or online here.

KunstRAI Art Fair Amsterdam

April 2022: We are excited that our partner, SmithDavidson Gallery, will be presenting Ingo's pictures at the KunstRAI Art Fair in Amsterdam from April 13th to April 18th 2022. More information here.

New magazine publications

March 2022: The last few months we had lots of nice magazine publications in BBC Wildlife, Terre Sauvage, Zeit Wissen, Hoerzu, Swarovski Magazine and many more.

Next TerraX shoot

March 2022: We spend a second time on the Island of Sylt, shooting for the German television series TerraX. Unstable weather gave us atmospheric shots. More on that shortly ...

Madeira Archipelago

March 2022: We are back home from a few beautiful days shooting landscape and endemic bird species at Madeira Archipelago, located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

New book about butterflies

February 2022: Our new book about butterflies "ÜBERFLIEGER - die vier Leben der Schmetterlinge" is available now. It shows pictures that Ingo photographed on many trips around the world over the last twenty years. Silke created the wonderful design. Veronica Straass and Claus-Peter Lieckfeld wrote an exciting text. Order your copy (only available in German) here.

Back from Norway

February 2022: Ingo is back from a great trip to Norway, where he photographed muskoxen with his "Jaeger des Lichts" friends and colleagues Bernd Roemmelt and Markus Mauthe. The three had a lot of fun, made it through heavy snowstorms and were able to take very special pictures.

Now available in North America…

February 2022: From now on our book "Wild Honey Bees" is available in North America, South America and the Caribbean. Read the book review from The Washington Post here and from Sierra Magazine here. Get your copy of the book here.

Top News

Custom Puma Photo Tour

Starting at the end of 2024 we will offer a limited number of puma photo tours in Patagonia, with a maximum of two guests per tour. You get the best possible team, the same team Ingo had for his National Geographic Magazine assignment and the book PumaLand. Please send us a message if you are interested. More pictures here.