More licenses from our honey bee book

October 2021: We are happy to announce that we will soon have licenses published from our honey bee book in French and Czech.

Artist of the Week

August 2021: We are delighted that our new partner, SmithDavidson Gallery, is presenting Ingo as Artist of the Week from July 29 to August 04. Ingo's work is now included in the exhibition "Summer of Love '21" and will be presented at various art fairs this fall/winter. More information here.

Cooperation with SmithDavidson Gallery in Amsterdam, Miami and Mexico City

May 2021: We are proud to announce that we started a cooperation with the SmithDavidson Gallery, located in Amsterdam, Miami and Mexico City. From now on, our limited Fine Art Edition will be available only through the SmithDavidson Gallery. For further information and pricing please contact the Gallery directly.

New story at Swarovski Optik

April 2021: Swarovski Optik published the second of five online stories about Ingo's work on the wild pumas of Patagonia. Check it out here.

New publications

April 2021: We had some nice publications this month and we are proud to announce that our book on honeybees will be published in different countries/languages this year (including English and French editions). More information coming soon on this website.

Swarovski Optik

March 2021: Swarovski Optik has published the first of five online stories about Ingo's work on the wild pumas of Patagonia. Check it out here.

New exhibition coming soon

March 2021: Today we had a first look at the prints of our new exhibition about wild honey bees. They look great! The exhibition will be on display shortly. More information coming soon.

German Photo Book Award

March 2021: We are proud that our latest book “Honigbienen – geheimnisvolle Waldbewohner” (Honey Bees – Mysterious Forest Dwellers) received the German Photo Book Award's silver medal, category "Conceptual-artistic photo book". Order your copy of the book here.

National Geographic “Best Animal Photos of 2020”

December 2020: One of Ingo's bee pictures (from his story published in the March 2020 issue of National Geographic magazine) was selected for the National Geographic "Best Animal Photos of 2020" gallery. Take a look here.

Prints for Nature Sale

November 2020: We are excited to be a part of Prints for Nature, a photography print sale organized by Ami Vitale, that will support conservation and features more than 80 of the world’s most inspiring photographers. 100% of the proceeds will support core Conservation International initiatives. Choose from the stunning images from some of the world’s finest photographers here.

Top News

Custom Puma Photo Tour

Starting at the end of 2024 we will offer a limited number of puma photo tours in Patagonia, with a maximum of two guests per tour. You get the best possible team, the same team Ingo had for his National Geographic Magazine assignment and the book PumaLand. Please send us a message if you are interested. More pictures here.